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I’m a designer, creative director, artist, and entrepreneur. Or to put it simply, I like to make stuff. If I had to distill a philosophy of the particular set of passions, attitudes and skills that I believe I have to offer the world, I would sum it up as #DrawTogetherEveryDay

Most of my work can be mapped to three realms ↡

I am interested in working with teams tackling opportunities at the intersection of design, behavior, technology, and culture.

Passionate about working with smart, thoughtful people; building cultures of creativity; and designing cool $hit. Fierce advocate of the power of play.

Current Developments

June 22, 2018

Rendered the individual bit positions of the Wires series – and their overlaps with /connections to adjacent positions – at different scales (16x16, 4x4, 2x2). 

Each one tells a different story and is interesting for its own reasons, but my favorites are probably the (n/2 + 1)'s

May 23, 2018

I had the honor of presenting Ladder – my newest work in the binary series – as part of the Fenêtre Jaune Cadmium show at the Institut Français Centre Saint-Louis in Rome.

The exhibition space incorporates fragments of the old roman baths which previously occupied the site. The vertical binary counter was projected in the corner of a room along the seam between two walls – less a figure projected into the space and more like a disturbance emerging from within the envelope of the space itself. 

May 18, 2018

At Salty Shirts we've just launched a new line celebrating some of our favorite wine regions and varietals. Now you can wear your beverage with pride!

March 12, 2018

If there’s any solace to be derived from the first instance of an autonomous vehicle killing a pedestrian, it’s that the topic is graduating from an inside conversation about how we address the Trolley Dilemma etc. to a broader discussion of how comfortable we are trusting autonomous technologies.

I wrote this piece to explore a problem we already face with automation in vehicle technology — people driving at night with no idea that their lights aren’t turned on. I hold that we need to do a much better job as product designers if we’re going to safely navigate the transition to greater autonomy.


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