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Pimp My SpotifyMORE ›

I have recently kicked off a series of explorations of enhancements to the Spotify listening experience. This first round focuses on content architecture, navigation and discovery


Cult Collection MORE ›

Digital platforms are the creative communities of the future. I co-founded a startup to allow fashion enthusiasts to discover, express and shop their style by creating their own looks and editing/remixing outfits created by other people



Turn Your Lights On!ON MEDIUM ›

We have a long way to go in developing the appropriate depth and nuance in the interaction patterns we use to engage with automated systems before we are truly ready as a society to consistently delegate greater control to the machines


Scout Navigator MORE ›

As mobility and communications open up the world and reorganize our sense of place, navigation becomes as much about where you go and why, as how you get there



Coca‑Cola Freestyle MORE ›

A novel interactive soda fountain dispensing +100 beverages, and leading the much-loved brand into a new era of personalized customer experiences, real-time analytics, and a reduced environmetal footprint


Home Depot Mobile POS MORE ›

We designed a suite of applications for the largest mobile POS rollout at the time, bringing product information, operational data & intelligence to the store context to support associates and managers in customer support and store planning & management


Prada Epicenter MORE ›

A seminal deplomyent of multi-channel retail – long before we even called it that – enabling the brand to express its high-touch style of customer service across all touchpoints in the shopping experience


Taco Bell Omni‑Channel MORE ›

A proposal to re-invent the Taco Bell digital presence to better capture and serve their core Explorer target through a comprehensive approach to intelligent content and capability delivery across all channels



OpenTable On‑Boarding MORE ›

Leveraging the opportunity created by the adoption of consumer technology in restaurant operations to rethink the sales, deployment, and on-boarding process for OpenTable restaurant customers

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