Wires is a visualization of the underlying structure within the binary series articulated as 16x16, 4x4 and 2x2 grids

The grids and the connecting diagonals reveal self-similar patterns of repetition and continuity & discontinuity across different scales. In addition, the interwoven structures for the two values are rotationally symmetrical around the z-axis. 

16x16 grid. The binary series can be read by counting from the bottom-left corner to top-right, along the columns and up the rows. The lowest position is furthest back on the z-axis. Red is '0' and blue is '1'
The overlaps between adjacent positions (where the values are the same) are marked by diagonal connections along the z-axis, and reveal continuities and discontinuities between the layers of the grid for each bit position
4x4 grid
Overlaps in the 4x4 grid
2x2 grid
Overlaps in the 2x2 grid

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