Taco Bell Omni‑Channel

2013  /  Strategy & Design

A proposal to re-invent & modernize the Taco Bell digital presence to modernize their digital marketing engine, to meet their core Explorer target where they live & play, and to maximize cultural relevance & customer loyalty. 

The key components of the initiative were a comprehensive approach to intelligent content and capability delivery across all channels – mobile & desktop web, tv at home, in-store display, drive-thru and register – with a contextually-relevant, connected and frictionless experience for every interface. 


Explorer Target Audience

Digital Natives
Starting to Define their Identity
On-the-Move & Expert at Navigating Context
Crave Authentic & Distinctive Experiences

Definition of Presence

Not just a re-imagined website
An amplification of our success in digital channels

Web Site

The site was conceived as a key tool in the conversion of prospects into fans – engaging occasional & first-time visitors; completing the experience for users linking from search, ads & social channels; and directing regulars to the mobile app and loyalty program – through informational and entertainment content. 

The core site content is organized around the two primary dimensions of the Taco Bell brand – OUR FOOD and OUR FANS – to reflect the enthusiastic interdependence between the two – the food is a non-trivial facet of its fans’ identity, and it is in turn inspired by their passions and their obsession.

Web – Widescreen
Web – Mobile

In-Store & At-Home Entertainment

In stores, a digitally-driven entertainment system would cycle through food stories, music videos and sports highlights from teams popular with fans, as well as fan-generated content. Display would be responsive to customer presence, turning the store entertainment system into a platform for fans to share their expression of “Live Más” with their friends. 


Fan-generated content would also be curated into weekly 5 minutes of Más segments. 


Digital Menu Board

Digital menu boards would allow for automated variation in the emphasis given to different items to respond to different promotion priorities and consumption behaviors by time & day, marketing window, location, etc. 


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