Prada Epicenter NY

2001-02  /  Art Direction, Interaction Design

In-store multi-channel content display system developed in collaboration with OMA/AMO and IDEO. The objective of the experience design was to bridge gaps in the shopping process and to extend the high-touch service relationship between the sales staff and their clientele through a seamless physical/virtual experience that enhanced the aura of the Prada brand. Launched in 2001, the Epicenter store was a pioneering example of a multi-channel retail experience, integrating handheld devices for staff, dressing room touch-screens, presentation displays for brand media & product merchandising, and an intranet & private customer-service site to facilitate communication. 

Closet Touch Screen

Customers can use the RFID-tagged garments they have selected off the rack as the starting point for exploration of the collection to discover similar/complementary items


Customer Extranet

A closed url behind extends the in-store experience onto the web


Staff Intranet

Staff-customer communications, Customer transaction history, inventory lookup


Prada is Content

In addition to the design and development of the user experience, in order to support the brand proposition that 'Prada is content', we designed the process and procedures which would be used by client personnel to produce all screen-display assets on a seasonal basis 


Existing sources of content within the many workstreams within Prada – design, manufacturing, archiving, advertising, merchandising, fashion shows, public relations, etc. – were identified and trained in the production of source digital assets. This effectively created a parallel layer of representation across key nodes of the existing production process, effectively seeding a more thorough 'virtualization' of the entire organization

awards: IDSA 2002 Silver and Bronze

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