Taco Bell Omni-Channel Taco Bell | Aug '13

Proposal to re-invent the Taco Bell online presence to better capture and serve their core Explorer target through a comprehensive approach to intelligent content and capability delivery across all channels – mobile & desktop web, tv at home, in-store display, drive-thru and register – with a contextually-relevant, connected and frictionless experience for every interface.


The site was conceived as a key tool in the conversion of prospects into fans – engaging occasional & first-time visitors; completing the experience for users linking from search, ads & social channels; and directing regulars to the mobile app and loyalty program – through informational and entertainment content.

In-Store & At-Home Entertainment

In stores, a digitally-driven entertainment system would cycle through food stories, music videos and sports highlights from teams popular with fans, as well as fan-generated content. Display would be responsive to customer presence, turning the store entertainment system into a platform for fans to share their expression of “Live Más” with their friends.

Fan-generated content would also be curated into weekly 5 minutes of Más segments.