Smart Grid Communications GE Energy | Jan – May '09
It takes a country to build a smart grid. GE Energy needed a communications program to educate consumers on next-generation smart grid technologies, create communities of interest around the relevant energy issues, engage these communities with their local utility providers and regulators, and thereby facilitate the consensus required for the implementation of smart grid initiatives

It's Your Smart Grid

The first release of communicates non-trivial technical concepts to consumers through a distinct combination of straightforward storytelling, a consumer-friendly low-tech style, and cost-effective distributed media to get the word out. As an independently-branded entity, it establishes the basis for a site that will organically grow to become the de facto hub for a consumer community organized around the topic.

Upcoming releases will maximize the value of the core content through partnerships with other distribution channels, e.g. forward-looking utilities and paradigm-shifting energy players, such as, seeking to educate their customer base.

IYSG Identity

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Smart Meter Rollout Communications Strategy

To support the rollout of smart meters in the Florida service area, we developed a campaign strategy which emphasized familiarization, habit-formation, and advocacy by highlighting the benefits and relevance of the program to electricity consumers