Scout Navigator Telenav | Dec '10 – Jan '13

It's about the destination – and the journey along the way. Scout by Telenav is a daily personal navigator designed for people on the go. Whether you're running errands around town, exploring the city or just looking for the smartest way to power through your daily commute, Scout gives you personalized and relevant information that makes your trip easier, less stressful and more productive

Scout Gets You and Gets You There

Your daily journey is unique. That's why Scout features My Dashboard, a personalized, easy-to-use home screen designed to give you the fast, accurate and relevant information you need to make decisions throughout your day - from personalized commute times, to alternate routes, to accessing your favorites, Scout gets you where you want to go.

Dashboard Concept Evolution

The design process for Scout involved a number of cycles of research, concepting, design, testing, and refinement.

Next-Generation In-Car Experience

In addition to the mobile app, we worked with our automotive partners to develop concepts for a more holistic in-car connected experience. Using a combination of the instrument cluster, the built-in touchscreen console, smart phone, head-up display, steering-wheel controls, and speech-based interaction to create a more tangible and ergonomically efficient interface between driver and vehicle, we sought to reconnect the driver with their world outside the car while increasing situational awareness, driver confidence and road safety.

Integration between the phone app, vehicle-based system, and cloud allowed for seamless continuity between searching for a place to go, driving there, and arrving and experiencing that place.