Home Depot First Phone The Home Depot | Apr – Sept '09
We worked with The Home Depot Store Operations group to design a suite of mobile applications to enable store associates and management to improve store appearance, inventory management, in-aisle customer service, and overall operational awareness

Inventory Associates
Key associate workflows such as item inquiry, stock check, ordering, pack-down, price changes, merchandising, bay management, etc. were organized around a data-rich presentation of core objects - item, bay, department - to improve contextual awareness and to expedite decision-making and task execution

Store Management
A combination of drill-down and exception-driven real-time reporting on sales, inventory, gross margin, etc. across the different levels of the merchandising and location hierarchies allows store management to maintain greater awareness of key aspects of store operations (as units, aggregates, outliers, trends) and to develop a deeper understanding of the factors driving those metrics

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