Coca-Cola Freestyle The Coca-Cola Company | Apr '08 – Feb '10

Coca-Cola Freestyle™ is a new fountain dispenser from The Coca-Cola Company that uses micro-dosing technology to dispense more than 100 sparkling and still beverage brands from a single freestanding unit, delivering unprecedented beverage variety with choices to suit any consumer taste

The key design challenge for the user interface was to present the variety of beverages available in a way that made the experience of selecting one intuitive, delightful, and immersive in the aura of the brands offered. The design of the system integrates the behavior of the touch screen user interface, the lighting scheme, and the mechanical pouring elements into a seamless whole that eases the consumer into a new interaction paradigm for dispensing a beverage.

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Consumer Reaction

Touch Screen Consumer Interface
The first generation of the main consumer interface anchored the flavor variants off the brands with which customers were already familiar. The visual design maximizes the use of the color spectrum associated with each brand, and as the consumer pours their choice of beverage, the color projected from the screen casts a glow on their face, subtly incorporating them into the world of the brand.

ADA Consumer Interface
The ADA user interface organizes the same assets in a grid which makes it easy to select a brand and then a flavor using a simple left/right touch panel at an accessible height. The visual presentation is dialed back in order to emphasize visibility and legibility.

Crew Serve Interface
The crew serve interface was optimized for multi-order taskflows, repeat pours, and efficiency of use.

Service Interface

Interaction Design