Cult Collection 541 Ramona | Jan '14 – May '16

Cult Collection is a fashion community connecting passionate consumers with stylists, the brands they love, and their fellow fashionistas so they can discover, express and shop their style. You can create your own looks, and build on outfits other people are creating, to keep your personal style fresh and on-point

Customer Acquisition
Optimized advertising spend by A/B testing creative, audience targeting, bid strategy, weekly & day-part placement, etc.

Content Themes
Once we've accounted for function, occasion & season, fashion at its core is about expression & identity. Seasonal, trend, and culturally-driven featured themes are updated on a weekly basis, and complemented by weekly email newsletters showcasing exemplary looks around a theme. Look content can be filtered to match the user's need, interest or affinity — How to Wear It, Style Icons, Designers, Vibes, Situations, Entertainment

Outfit of The Day
Daily challenges to drive return and provide inspiration. OOTD challenges were cross-posted to instagram, with winners announced daily

Look Content & Engagement Modules
A feed of fresh & popular content, interspersed with modules designed to showcase influential stylists, drive completion of key on-boarding steps, and to drive deeper engagement with preferred content

Inspiration from fellow fashionistas

Create a Look
The heart of the experience is the ability to create a look effortlessly, whether from scratch or based on inspiration from other users

Browse / Search Retail
A feed of live retail inventory based on the user's explicit & implicit brand & category preferences

My Lookbook & Closet
Personal creation & shopping support